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Embarking on his fitness journey fueled by a love for sports, Coach Knight's story unfolds on the football field, where his versatility as a player caught the spotlight. At Tuskegee University, he seamlessly transitioned between strong safety, punter, and back-up Quarterback, laying the foundation for an illustrious career in the fitness arena.

Coach Knight's coaching legacy spans over 15 years, leaving an indelible mark on programs such as Tuskegee University Tigers and Jackson State University Tigers. His impactful roles as secondary, special teams, and linebackers coach, coupled with his recruitment coordination at JSU, showcase a coaching pedigree that breeds success.

Noteworthy are the three seasons at Jackson State University where Coach Knight's coaching prowess saw members of the linebacker corps consistently ranking as the team's leading tacklers. This period marked a chapter of triumph and accomplishment under his leadership.

Beyond the gridiron, Coach Knight seamlessly transitioned into the realm of nutrition and fitness training, bringing with him a winning mentality forged through years of collegiate coaching. With more than a decade of experience in sculpting winners, Coach Knight is committed to guiding individuals toward their fitness goals.

Join Coach Knight on this journey to victory, where his unique blend of coaching expertise and fitness acumen creates champions. Experience the winning edge and unleash your full potential with Coach Knight as your dedicated fitness coach.

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